R&B Instrumentals

I want my MTV! This was a catchphrase, a slogan, a tagline, used by the television network MTV. This network started in 1982 (before R&B instrumentals took over). I was two years old. This was the beginning of my music loving life. Baby or not I was grooving to the sounds of Ah-HA! and Van Halen. Music videos opened my mind to a whole new world of sound, of music, of joy.

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There were hot girls and hot guys mesmerizing my little kid eyes. My parents even ban me from watching the channel because the content was so risque’. Try as they might, I would sneak and watch EVERY waking chance I got.

I would stay up all night until i could barely hold my eyes open and try to get up for school in the morning. Gee, i think i started drinking coffee in middle school. Anyway, we need music videos to send the completed signal to our brains about what the artist wants to convey to us.

I believe videos make us love a song even more. We can be teleported to the mind of the creator.

Okay, we do see videos now in the 2000’s, we never stopped. But let me tell you, when a single came out from an artist, you bet MTV, VH1, CMT or BET was playing that video for you. Every hour. So the radio, but with visuals. Like hardcore exciting music fuckin videos that inspired us dance, feel, and sing along.

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Artistic visuals to enhance the song experience. We forget how important music videos are. It helps us, the audience, get to know a little about the artists personality. I mean of course they are acting, but you feel like you get to know them a little better, right?

There are so many wonderful bands, singers, groups, artists that create musical content for us. YouTube is a good place videos in general. But can we bring back a place to watch all things music all the time? Interviews, game shows, concert correspondence, award shows.

All with music artists the central theme. We can relax while being served up piping hot, fresh, made to order music videos. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, (366 day on leap year.)

I need this to be a thing again.

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Please help us show the new generation how much musical content we could consume while they shoved it by the spoonful into our wide open mouths. I am ready to be glued to one channel that will give us saturated genres one by one over and over again.

We have 900 channels make 900 more, one for each genre. Pick your poison. Rhythm and Blues, Rap, Rock, Pop, EMD, you name it. At the end of a long work day, i want to see my music videos, i want to fall asleep to my music videos, my favorite artists, my celebrity crushes, my idols. Sing me to sleep Billie Eilish! Bring back music television. I want my MTV!